Losco is a Saudi company initiated from AlRabh Trading Group, established in 1977 in Riyadh. It is one of the first companies specialized in the qualified logistics, which provides a new perspective in line with the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030, as well as it is considered as a pioneer in the provision of logistics services for the passengers’ land transport sector. It also specialized in the logistics of works of art and supplying the exhibitions and museums with services required for Art, cultural events locally and internationally.

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Road transport services

Logistic is one of the oldest activities that provide logistical services related to passenger transport at the local and regional levels as the company is specialized in managing travel stations and operating vehicles and the related support services.

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Artwork logistic services

Los Art specialized in the safe transport of Art works as It is distinguished by providing all logistic services, supporting the shipping of works of art worldwide, through the production and manufacture of packaging molds for high protection and ensuring the passage through international ports professionally.


Technology services

Lostech launched into the world of technology, specialized in the creation of display requirement, interactive services and the introduction of modern electronic devices as they are characterized by multi-use self-service machines supplied from Spain and Italy with high quality.


“Quality of Service and Logistics Support with Innovative Practices”

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 “Ensure quality of services and products with global standards as well as enhancing
support capacities and the Logistics responsiveness by covering of readiness and applying
the best practices of the Smart way to reach to innovation and sustainability ”

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