Losco began in 1977 its first start in the logistical sector from Al-Rabeh Commercial Group to establish an integrated logistical work system that includes transport, shipping, clearance, handling services, warehousing, and commercial operation and support services.

Losco has worked since then to activate its services very efficiently, in order to gain the confidence of its customers in the government and private sectors. In a short time, it managed to transform the logistics work into an independent entity that provides logistical solutions with innovative practices and new quality fields.

According to the development witnessed by the Kingdom’s logistical sector, the year 2016 marked a shift in the Losco march, as it began to provide integrated logistics services to local and international art works and exhibitions. As well as it devised logistical solutions that suit the requirements of government and private agencies and built a solid base that enabled it to adopt huge national qualified projects with different quality to each service.

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