Do you have customs clearance service in Saudi Arabia?

    Losco has specialized team and fully aware with all the procedure of Customs Clearance Service in Saudi Arabia and many countries for import by all its kinds whether at airport via air freight or at the port through sea freight.
    Losco guarantees holding the customs clearance of your incoming or outgoing shipments with quickness, flexibility and efficiency to be delivered to your warehouses wherever you are with the least possible duration.
    Losco has the expertise and the capability to deal with all kinds of shipments.

    How can I ship precious artistic collections and ensure that they are not damaged?

    Losco is keen on all shipments with all its kinds and give high priority to art works as any minor damage would deteriorate the work and its safety. Thus Losco assigned the shipping service of the artistic works independently to Los Art that provide its Logistic services specialized in artistic works and valuable antiques, it is concerned with all operations necessary for work safety such as packaging with modern technologies, transportation, delivery, etc. and provide insurance service to protect the work from possible dangers.

    What is the best method for shipping?

    Losco provide all possible shipping methods depend on your needs, if your need is about the possibility of fast shipping and the arrival in minimum duration possible then your best option will be  air freight as we have regular air flights to all airports and countries.

    But if your shipment are goods, materials and large quantities and sizes and have plenty of time then your best choice will be sea freight that depends on transport by cargos that  characterized by its capability to handle heavy goods and equipment with big sizes which is not offered by aircrafts.

    But if the shipping and transportation are between several neighboring countries, such as the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the Middle East for example then your best option is land transportation for goods, materials and vehicles as we provide a large fleet of various trucks which helps shipping operations with ease wherever your destination is.

    Do you have storage service?

    Yes, we provide storage service according to customer’s need and in stores and warehouses that meets international quality and safety standards.

    What is the Harmonized System Codes (HS Code)?

    It is a multi-purpose international method for goods naming developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO) and called the common system.

    It is used to determine the proportion of the fee applied to any commodity and is the only way to determine the chapter, section, and the percentage of the customs duty for particular commodity and it consists of a table including headings and sub-headings and its digital coding, and section and chapters notes and general rules and It is a universal language that is used as the basis for customs tariffs in more than 176 countries or customs unions, and there are 104 countries signed on its international convention.

    Can I request services outside Saudi Arabia?

    Losco strives to serve its customers wherever they are and competitive shipping solutions are provided by land, air and sea to many different countries of the world and not only within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    I need a luxury car transport service in Riyadh. Do you provide these services?

    Losco recently launched services for protocols and official forums to serve VIPs under the shadow of an independent, specialized company (VIP Protocol), where it provides services to VIPs, including reception, transportation and hospitality to delegations and facilities adapted to international standards.
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