Our History

Losco first launching in the Logistic sector was in 1977 where we established integrated logistics work system including planning, transportation, shipping, clearance and handling services, warehousing and commercial operation and support services.

And since our launching, we focused on activating our services in high efficiency till we acquired the confidence of our customers in the governmental and private sectors. And managed in a very short time to convert the logistic work to an independent entity that offers logistics solution with innovative technical practice in new qualitative fields.

  • 2020

    January, 4 Specialization and Professionalism

    Losco has become one of the leading specialized companies that provide its logistics services inside and outside the Kingdom, and achieved high records that enabled it to gain the confidence of the governmental and private sector and adopt huge national projects.

  • 2019

    September, 8 VIP Protocol Services

    Losco has been keen to give its full attention to its customers and meet all their needs; it launched an integrated logistic luxury services to serve VIPs (VIP Protocol) which guarantees the most luxurious and safe transportation.

  • 2016

    February, 15 Launching New Services

    2016 represented a qualitative shift in the Losco route; it launched integrated logistics services for artwork under a specialized company (Los Art), Working on transporting, packaging and handling artworks and holding exhibitions and conferences locally and globally.

  • 1997

    March, 24 Logistic Services

    Losco continued its business in the transport sector, providing a series of services with integrated logistics support within a professional team trained to deal with logistics services sector.

  • 1987

    April, 22 Operation

    Losco started shipping and operating bus stations inside Saudi Arabia within plans to expand internally and externally.

  • 1977

    January, 10 Losco launching

    Losco started its first launching in the logistic sector through the activity of heavy transportation vehicles and warehouses.

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