Losco is a leading Saudi joint stock company in the field of logistics for different sectors with over 42 years of experience.

Fields of Losco

We support the client to reach to his goal of each project and we focus in our fields on specialization and perfection

Logistic provides basic logistic services to its partners in transportation, storage, packaging and related services. logistic is the main sector of Lusco in logistic operation , which is for decades has been managing and operating the travel terminals and bus stations, with support services, and also Logistic is the first specialized company in this field in Saudi Arabia and the strategic partner of the national carrier.
Los Art s providing a specialized services for exhibitions, artworks and museums, which include coordinating and organizing exhibitions locally and internationally, in addition to transport, insurance, packaging, storage and handling the artworks, according to international quality standards. It has also been characterized by the creation of safe packaging methods to ensure business preservation. Los Art has also implemented many local, regional and international projects.
provides special protocols and protocol services for official events and forums and related support services such as reception, transportation and hospitality to delegations and VIPs in accordance with international standards. It also prepares and arranges programs related to the headquarters of the forums, planning reception areas and seating with a protocol that corresponds to the size of the event. Lusco has been dedicated to providing these unique services based on its experience of more than 20 years in providing VIP service in transportation.
Lostech provides a service’s that related with technology , smart business solutions, interactive self-service, in addition a technologies of self-vending machines. Lustech has full attention to research into energy alternatives, artificial intelligence that associated with the logistics sector.

Losco's vision

“Quality in logistic services with innovative practices”

Losco message

Ensure the quality of services and products with global standards and enhance the support and logistics response capacity by deployment and readiness and the implementation of best institutional and smart practices for innovation and sustainability

Our clients