In recognition and appreciation of the vital and effective role of Losco management and employees, the company organized its second annual 2018 ceremony held at Narcissus Hotel in the capital Riyadh. The annual ceremony of Losco comes within the framework of enhancing the spirit of work, cooperation and communication among its employees and motivating them to give more and more excellence, in an effort to create a competitive work environment that encourages creativity and innovation.

Partners, managers and employees of Losco attended the ceremony from various departments as the ceremony included honoring employees of the company and reviewing the results of Losco’s works and projects that were implemented in 2018, and the company presented its plan for the new year 2019 .

In his speech during the ceremony, Mr. Fawaz Al Atawi, CEO of the company, stressed that Losco is keen to value the efforts of its employees and those who play an important role in achieving Losco’s strategic goals and vision.

This ceremony is held annually to reflect the commitment of the Losco administration to support and motivate all employees of the company in various departments and sections, as well as the importance of this ceremony by providing an opportunity to honor the distinguished and praise their efforts to contribute to achieving the their achievements.