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Automated storage systems and smart solutions

Lostech seeks to apply automation and artificial intelligence techniques, which greatly contribute to bringing about radical changes in the field of storage, and strengthens the focus on advanced .inventory control methods and improves the control and competitiveness mechanisms

Lostech works to provide smart solutions for storage systems and smart warehouses, as these systems improve the efficiency of material handling, labor productivity, increase the use of space and enable multi-channel implementation. The productivity of the currency is improved thanks to the activities directed by the system and the full support of the processing units and the exclusion of manual labor

reduce inventory costs with the vision of inventory in real time to increase the efficiency of the warehouse and reduce the reserve inventory levels. Systems managed to get a brief insight into the warehouse operations and performance measures for the main facility and network logistics completely.

Control storage operations and enable realtime operational analysis and preparation of accurate reports. Get a deeper view of the inventory, analyze the production capacity of the warehouse, and monitor warehouse operations. Supports the ordering and implementation processes multi-channel.

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